Gino's East

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Gino's East, based in Chicago, is know for their deep dish pizza. I'm not really a fan of the deep dish pizza but I love pizza and will give all pizzas a try. So we sat down and waited. And waited. And waited. It was a Monday afternoon and there was probably only one or two other tables in the entire restaurant. Finally someone comes to take our order and he says, "You know it's gonna be a least 45 minutes to get your pizza." He then goes into why it takes so long to cook, blah blah. Okay fine. I already waited 15 minutes to get my drink order, what's another 45 minutes to wait to try the Chicago deep dish pizza. So it finally comes out. The crust is really hard and very yeasty (if that's a word). The pizza was mediocre. The service was horrible.

My recommendation: Pass. Unless you really want to try a Chicago deep dish pizza and are not hungry and have hours to waste and don't mind bad service.
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