Killen's Steakhouse

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You wouldn't think that there would exist a great steakhouse outside of the city but you'd be wrong. Killen's Steakhouse, located in the boonies (Pearland), serves up some of the best food. Here is a terrible, blurry picture of our dinner. The steaks were cooked perfectly. They were awesome. And the sides were incredible, especially the cream corn. I've never been a fan but once I had some at Killen's, I always get cream corn at other places and it's just not the same.

Faux tip: If you want to experience the cream corn without emptying your wallet on some steaks, go to Killen's BBQ to get the same cream corn (and awesome BBQ).

My recommendation: One of the best steakhouses in the Houston area. You gotta go at least once.
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