Uberrito (Mission Burrito)

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Apparently Mission Burrito changed their name to Uberrito (probably due to a lawsuit with Mission Tortillas). But whatever it's called now, this place is my go-to for a burrito, or in my case a burrito bowl. That's the way I like it. Put everything in a bowl so that I can evenly mix it up and eat it with my flour tortilla on the side. It's like Chipotle where you choose your toppings(?) as you move down the line. They have a lot more options but that doesn't mean they skimp on quality (like Freebirds). They also have "unique" tacos (trying to imitate Torchy's) but it was only okay. Stick to the burrito. I can't speak for the other locations but the one on West Alabama (by River Oaks) is also a great place to sit and eat outside under the shade of a gigantic tree while the kids run around the playground.

My recommendation: This is a good place to get your fix of Mexican-ish food. Fast, affordable and family friendly.
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