Pho Dien

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There are like a hundred places in Houston to get a bowl of pho (I have no reference to back that up) but it's not too hard to find one near you. But it is difficult to find a good bowl of pho. The obvious rule is to not order pho from a place that doesn't specialize in pho, i.e. they don't have "pho" in the restaurant name.

Pho Dien is in the southwest Houston, in the same complex as Kim Son. We got there early on Sunday (before the church crowd) but there was a wait. Waiting at a Vietnamese restaurant is rare so this had to be good. The meat wasn't the typical thinly sliced meat. It was thicker, chewy and peppery. The broth was decent though. And they have various sizes from baby to an unknown size larger that XL. Overall it was good but I wouldn't want to wait outside in the dreadful heat to eat a steaming bowl of pho, I'm already sweating!

My recommendation: Come early to avoid the wait. If you have to wait outside in the heat, move on down the street to Pho Binh on Bellaire.
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