Torchy's Tacos

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Torchy's Tacos, the Austin import. I ate at Torchy's many years ago when it was only a trailer parked on 1st Street. Every time I went to Austin, I just had to stop by Torchy's but now that they've expanded all over Texas, I just don't have that desire anymore. I mean, it's still good but not that good. Maybe it's the price, where a taco can run between $3 to $4. We're talking about a single taco here.

Of all of the tacos I've tried (probably half the menu), I have liked them all. My go-to tacos would have to be a  "trashy" trailer park (fried chicken with queso) and the crossroads (smoked brisket). The street corn and green chile queso are good too.

My recommendation: Go here if you want to eat a good, non-traditional taco. But I wouldn't recommend going here too often as you can easily drop $10 and still walk away hungry.
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