Candelari's Pizzeria

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Candelari's Pizzeria is my favorite pizza buffet. If you want the best pizza value, then go eat that cheap stuff at Cici's. (Although I do like their cheesy garlic bread concoction that's made with nothing but processed badness.)

At Candelari's, there's not much variety but the things that they do have are all good. It's about quality over quantity. I really like their salad bar. Go figure. They have pasta (white or red sauce), sausage/meatballs, potatoes, buffalo chicken?, rice, soup, and about 4-5 different pizzas. Oh, and fresh baked cookies for dessert.

It's only $10 per person and young kids eat for free (5 and under I think). It's kid friendly and staff are always nice.

My recommendation:  Go here if you're craving a slice of pizza but also want a little variety (salad, pasta). Come hungry. As Scotty Nguyen eloquently puts it, it's "All you can eat baby!" And it's family friendly, which is another plus.
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