Huynh Restaurant


Huynh Restaurant is a Vietnamese restaurant that serves the usual rice dishes, vermicelli noodle dishes, noodle soups, etc. But I came here specifically for the banh uot (translation: wet cakes) which are rice paper filled with greens and charbroiled pork. But what makes it good is the dipping sauce that accompanies them. It's a dark brown sauce, not like the one that's eaten with spring rolls, but something else. I honestly have no idea what it consist of but it's good. Overall the food is good but the price is kind of high, compared to most Vietnamese restaurants.

My recommendation: If you're in EaDo and don't feel like going any further (like actual downtown) for Vietnamese food, they're worth a try.
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  1. Huynh is known for their bun bo hue. My dad is Hue and says it met his standards.