Hubbell & Hudson

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Hubbell & Hudson is located in The Woodlands, i.e. far far away, and I came here for brunch. For this meal, I had the chicken and waffles. If you can't tell from my poorly exposed cell phone picture, there's an egg between the chicken and waffle, along with some salsa and potatoes, served with a side of brown gravy. There was too much going on. Too many flavors. My taste buds were overloaded. If would have been better to keep the eggs, potatoes and salsa separated, or not even include them in this dish. As for the chicken, it was nothing special. Oh, I didn't even use the gravy. Again, too much going on in one dish. The pancakes were good though.

My recommendation: I'd say give them a try, just pass on the chicken and waffles.
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