Fielding's Wood Grill

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Fielding's Wood Grill advertises that they use as much local, natural, hormone and antibiotic free products as possible. They mostly serve burgers with other grilled food options. I had the smoke burger which was topped with bacon (good), grilled onions (good), fried egg (good) and truffle bacon mustard (eh). First off, bacon-flavored things is overplayed. Second, truffle-anything is also becoming overplayed. Here, they combined the two! In mustard of all things. It had this weird tangy taste. This burger already had a lot going on but to add that in it, it was overkill. It ruined a perfectly good burger. Oh, they also had alcoholic coffee drinks. I like coffee. I like alcohol. But the combination of the two, not so great. I'm not a fan of drinking warm, sugary booze. They did to stop combining good things together.

My recommendation: Get a regular burger, nothing with a weird/unnecessary combination.
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