Glazed The Doughnut Cafe

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Glazed just recently opened and I went during their soft opening, which might explain why this place sucked. First, the service was horrendous. It was so chaotic behind the counter but why? There were only six flavors of doughnuts. They're all made already. Just put them in a bag and move on. But no, it was total disarray. Again, it was a soft opening so hopefully they'll get their shit together when they do have their grand opening. Second, the doughnuts were cold. Like they made them overnight and put them in the frig. What the hell. It should have tipped me when they asked if I wanted my doughnut microwaved. Huh? I was there early in the morning. Why the hell would I say yes. You don't see that kind of nonsense at Shipley's. Third, the flavor was ehh. The glaze had an overwhelming taste of powdered sugar. That's it. It was like eating a giant powdered doughnut from the store without getting the white powdery mess. Glazed glaze sucks.

My recommendation:  Pass.
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